EXPOSITIES   2020-2021

Joachim Bandau (DE), Schwarzaquarelle 2006, watercolor on Fabriano paper 76 x 56 cm.

Joachim Bandau is the German artist well known for two main reasons: water colors and sculptures - most works are abstract.

Abstract watercolors, 'Schwarzaquarelle', consist of up to 30 layers watercolor, that almost always are clear and transparent - even in black. Sometimes the watercolor is diluted to an extend that a layer is almost only visible by the dried lines on the fringes of the painted fields. These fields are very precisely built up, especially in the corners. Painted with quite broad Japanese brushes - one layer a day – and dried during the night.

Yellow - like in all 'Schwarzaquarelle' - is about catching transparency and light. Two yellow colors and different dilutions to give visibility to the separate layers.

Joachim Bandau, 'Schwarzaquarelle' [twee gelen], 0.76x 0.56 m.;

inlijsting esdoorn/museumglas door Bandau

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